What is eataware?

eataware exists to help people understand the effect that diet can have on Crohn's disease with the goal of helping people live a symptom free life. As a person living with Crohn's disease, I have spent the best part of a decade learning about diet and the effect it has on my condition and how to keep it at bay.

eataware is intended to save people all that time! Here you'll find the outcome of years of experience, reading through journals, blogs, scientific studies, dietitians and all the help and advice I have to offer.

Remember, Crohn's disease affects millions of people around the world. You are not alone. And there are plenty of people that want to help you - starting here.


Where do I start?

Many people viewing this page will either be newly diagnosed or a loved one of someone diagnosed with the daunting task of looking for a place to start.

This website contains everything you'll need to get started and start feeling well again, including what foods to avoid/include, advice and meal recipes.

Here's our quick start list:

Help & Advice from the blog

Food Guides