Can I drink alcohol with Crohn's?

In terms of alcohol, this has been an interesting journey for me…. I initially thought I couldn’t have anything alcohol related. But I then started to find that it was the mixers and process that was what was causing me problems.

Cocktails and heavy unfiltered IPA beers for example would really cause me a problem. But then simplifying it down to Lagers and a rum and coke made everything a lot easier and relatively any symptoms. I can’t tolerate any wine or cider though… something to do with the acidity often gives me a flare up.

In short, avoid cocktails with fruit juice mixers like pineapple, apple, etc, stick to simple beers instead of IPAs, and avoid wine and cider!

I'd be very interested to hear other peoples thoughts though, as I know many people with Crohn's that struggle a lot with alcohol