Coping with Joint Pain

One of the main memories I have when I was first diagnosed was the debilitating joint pain, which seemed to affect me mostly in my wrists and knees, though I have many friends and fellow sufferers that also get it in their shoulders and ankles.

The good news is this is now a distant memory for me, once I got my diet under control it almost never surfaces or affects my daily life. Nearly all people newly diagnosed that I speak to suffer from joint pain. Do not worry, by making just the smallest changes to your diet you can start to ease this.

My main recommendations for easing joint pain are to remove fatty or oily foods from your diet. Replace red meats with poultry, replace pork sausages with leaner turkey sausages, also replace minced meat with turkey mince. Remove any fast foods and convenience foods and make your own sandwiches etc. You should hopefully start to feel better in a couple of weeks.

I have also found certain acids seems to affect my joint pain over time. Try and reduce really acidic fruits and drinks. Especially avoid the acids from onions. My favourite solution to this is to use the green of the spring onion and throw the white parts away, you still get a great onion taste without the affects of it.

Lastly, you need to remove dairy from your diet. Which can be difficult as this includes yogurts, cheeses and milk. But thankfully due to vegan cultures becoming so popular there are plenty of alternatives to look into.