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The single worst offender to people with Crohn's disease - avoid at all times


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Latus1998 1 year ago

Through my own experience, and trial and error, I’ve learned that clove garlic is a no-go for me. However, with moderation, overtime, powdered garlic has been my friend! The go-to garlic powder that I get is roasted Californian garlic powder from Mariano’s, and it’s been a lifesaver when it comes to garlic. Otherwise, I stay away from cloves of garlic if possible.

Annie 8 months ago

Only recently have I started having severe reactions to fresh garlic cooked in my food. I love the flavor garlic add, but it now causes me to have severe diarrhea that continues day and night for days, causing my potassium to bottom out. I had no idea that certain foods could be so dangerous for me to eat.

User-25002 1 month ago

Found a brand called Fody that makes foods without garlic and onion. Gonna try their salsa first.

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