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Preparation time: 30 minutes


Slice ginger, bell peppers and combine with bean sprouts and sesame seeds with the rapeseed oil in a large pan at medium heat. Cook reasonably thoroughly to allow the acid of the ginger to break down.

Prepare chicken stock with boiling water, add soy sauce, mirin, mild chili powder, sesame oil and miso paste to the stock and stir.

Combine both to pan to create the "broth" and simmer for 20 minutes. Add prawns towards the end and cook until pink.

Boil Udon noodles until mostly soft (it is okay for the noodles to not be completely soft as they will further soften when added to the broth).

Drain/rince noodles slightly under cold water to freshen them (essentially removing the starch) and add to bowl.

Add broth from pan ontop of the bowl of noodles.

Add sweetcorn and season with sesame seeds to taste.