Acidity can put things out of balance, especially during a flare up and will cause discomfort to any wounding in the gut. Many people experience issues with this food.


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Olive 2 years ago

Raw apples cause severe reactions for me. Cooked apples do not present any of the same response that raw apples do (gums itch, throat swells). My reactions to raw fruit and nuts stood as stand alone food allergies most of my life. I did not receive a formal crohns diagnosis until I was 40, but I had the symptoms of crohns all of my life. I was born before crohns was declared as an actual condition, so i was unlucky enough to have my appendix removed at age 5 (the doctors didn’t believe me where I said the pain was). That surgery crippled my immune system even further as it has finally been discovered that the appendix is where good bacteria colonize. So, if you get any type of reaction to food, especially fruit and nuts, pay attention.

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Sultan 1 year ago

Apple is safe for me ONLY IF if removed the peel .

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Carnivore J 1 year ago

Fructose is terrible for anyone with digestive issues

Kristy 1 year ago

I cook mine after removing the peel With no issues

User-46348 3 months ago

If I cook in microwave I can tolerate

Jacqui 2 months ago

Uncooked absolutely a no no. Cooked in moderation

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