The "Liquid Diet"

The thought of a liquid diet can be the most unappealing option of food possible for some people.

However, a liquid diet can be life saving. In my case, quite literally. When I was first diagnosed I was on a liquid only diet for a month while everything healed. This meant I avoided needing any surgery and allowed everything to heal over time itself.

There are a few liquid diet options available but I can't recommend Huel enough. I will always keep a pack of Huel powder in my cupboard as my ultimate safety net if symptoms start to appear and I need to give my gut a rest.

The best thing about Huel is this isn't a protein powder. Huel has everything you need for a full 3 meals a day food replacement. And it doesn't mean carrying around a ton of powder with you either!

Huel also has a selection of flavour packets you can add to the powder to mix up the flavours. I personally recommend the "Original Vanilla" which is much less sweetened than the newer "Vanilla" version.

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